The Reasons I Switched to DirecTV

I don’t get frustrated too often, but that is exactly that happened not that long ago when I went to watch my favorite program on TV. I knew I had set it to be recorded, but it was not on my DVR list. After looking into it, I saw that it was because two other programs with higher priorities also were scheduled to record at the same time. Since only two things can go at once, my favorite was left out. I had heard that DirecTV has better options, so I went to a dealer’s website to get more information.

I work long hours, and I wanted to be able to relax and watch my shows whenever I want to rather than having to make a complicated schedule for the times when more than two shows are going to record. When I went to the website, I saw that I would be able to record six shows at once, which was definitely more than enough for me. I thought that was going to be the best part of this new provider, but there were so many other things to get excited about too.

I really like that I can start watching a show in the living room or kitchen and then finish it in my bedroom if I get tired. With my old system, I was not able to watch something that I had recorded in one room in another room. With DirecTV, I can set up recordings, watch the same show on multiple TVs even though it is a DVR show, but best of all, I can also watch programming on my tablet because of their Genie device. I only wish I had known all of this earlier, because I definitely would have switched a lot sooner than what I did.