Storing a Buyout from My Competitor

I am an event decorator. It doesn’t matter the event. It can be a wedding, a funeral, a baby’s birth, a 100 year old’s birthday party, a company’s grand opening or a corporation’s Christmas party. I have done events that have just a dozen people in attendance and ones that have hundreds attending. When one of my competitors went out of business last year, they offered me the first opportunity to buy them out. Even though we were competitors, we had a great working relationship. I knew I would need to rent storage space in Singapore in order to do this, because I simply did not have the space to add all of their inventory as well.

There would be some things I simply would not need, and I would be able to sell those easily enough. Most of the things though would be extremely helpful to me, so I had to find a facility that met a certain number of criteria. I needed it to be affordable and large enough, but I also needed it to be convenient since I would be using it as a second warehouse of sorts.

There was a storage facility not too far from me, and I looked there first. I needed to make sure I could afford their prices, and I also needed to make sure that they had a space big enough to put in hundreds of boxes and props. They checked out on both things, and I was able to sign the papers that same day. I am going to miss having such friendly competition in the area, but I am also looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I know that I am going to be able to become even more successful since I was able to keep everything I wanted from the buyout!