Started to Get the Building Fixed Up

Started working to get the building ready for occupancy. There is a lot to be done and the big thing is going to redoing the air condtioning. This is an old building and the system it had installed would have cost a small fortune to operate over the course of large time scales. I called this guy from Aircon service in Singapore and got him to run some different estimates for me. I told him to look at what it would cost to modernize the existing system and try to make it efficient. He came back and told me that there was not a whole lot of point to trying that. Of course I expected as much, but I had nothing to lose from asking him to check it. He gave me another quote on installing a modern energy efficient system and I got some other guys to think about what could be done to lower the operating cost of the building.

At any rate this is going to take another month or two at the least. It shall probably be three months, but that is fine. We are able to make do with the space that we have in the temporary, but obviously we need a lot more space if we are going to carry out the expansion. So the new building is part of the expansion. In fact we may start out using only a small part of it. It is a very large building and it would be really simple to get a little bit of it set up, but the whole thing is a big chore and it is not going to get done in a short time. The job is going to take a lot of time if we do it exactly the right way obviously.