Nothing Looks Better Than A Bright Smile

If you are tired of hiding your smile due to stains or unsightly yellowing from age, what are you waiting for. Quite arguably the simplest change that you can make to your appearance is to whiten your teeth. Making you look years younger, it can be done with ease and very little expense. With so many different options available on the market, finding the right one for you can sometimes be overwhelming. The good news is that all the products inevitably have the same results, it really matters which one you are good for you personally.

There are many over the counter options which are very inexpensive and easy. Strips are adhesives that are placed over the teeth. Depending on the brand, they are normally worn from five to thirty minutes, once or twice a day. They whiten the teeth effectively in anywhere from three to five days, noticeably seeing a difference of up to three shades whiter for most people. The major disadvantage that you get with the strips is that they can taste bad and be very messy. They can also cause tooth sensitivity that can make drinking hot or cold liquids painful.

The other form of over the counter whiteners that are very effective are the new line of toothpastes and mouth washes. Working slowly, they eradicate the stains on your teeth gently. To get an idea on which ones to get, read a few teeth whitening reviews. The advantage to using them is that all you have to do is brush as you normally would to get the results you want. There is also less of a chance of getting any tooth sensitivity. They also work not only to whiten, but to protect the teeth from future stains and insult. The major disadvantage obviously is the time that it can take to see results with these type of whiteners.

You are still able to go to your dentist to get whitening treatments. They are the quickest way to get the results you want guaranteed. Usually only taking about five to thirty minutes, you walk out of the office with a bright new smile. The major disadvantage is that you have to make an appointment and they are more pricy than the other options available. The choice of which is best really is a personal preference. If you are willing to wait for the white smile, you can spend next to nothing, and no time at all, it really is your choice.