Keeping My DWI from Following Me the Rest of My Life

I have done some pretty dumb things in my life, but I always reassured myself before that it was just part of living. I mean, who hasn’t done things that they did not regret later, and maybe even laugh about at some point too? I topped all the dumb things of my past not long ago though. I was at a bar drinking with a few friends, and I decided to go home to finish watching a college game on TV. What ended up happening was that I needed to find a DWI lawyer in Schenectady NY instead.

I was pulled over just a few miles from home. I apparently thought I was staying on my side of the road, but the police officers informed me that I crossed the middle line multiple times. I had to subject myself to a breathalyzer test, which I failed miserably. I spent that night in jail, and the next day I found the attorney who helped me get my life back on track. I was pretty frightened of what could happen because spending a night in jail and having to face a judge for driving under the influence could have long lasting and quite negative consequences for me.

That is why I needed to have the very best attorney representing me when I faced the judge. Not everyone is a habitual offender. Some people, like me, just make a big mistake. Yes, a big one. Of course, I don’t want to pay the maximum consequences even though I know I did wrong, and that is why I got an attorney. Staying out of jail and getting my license back and record expunged are a big deal to me. I am never going to make the mistake of drinking and driving ever again, but I also don’t want this following me for the rest of my life.