It Seems Like Things Are Changing More Quickly As of Late

Today, I was able to jump online to view different TXU Energy info and it only took about 5 minutes. Back before online websites were a thing in the early nineties, I remember needing to call a variety different companies and sitting on hold for quite some time. This was even back before cell phones were as popular as they are now. Boy, I sure don’t miss the old days of everything taking so much longer in a variety of ways. Things are much more quick now.

Really seems like so many things in the world didn’t change in the last 10 years or so. I am not really sure why that is. So many things seem to they mostly the same for the first three quarters of my life. Sure there were some things that change here and there, but it really seems like so much more progress has taken place in the past 10 years period this is especially true when it comes to technology. It makes me wonder what is to come in the next 20 years.

Considering that I am getting older comment and I am in my mid-forties now. I wonder just how many great changes I’m going to see before the end of my life. I want to see flying cars. I want to see people be able to fly from America to Europe in only a couple of hours. I want to see cancer cured. I would like to see household pets get to live for about 40 years thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine. Oh and I would like to see world peace, too, I doubt I will ever seen the latter, but it sure would be interesting to see what global life will be like 100 years from now. What a great thing.