Intech Golf Balls – Tips For Golfers

Intech Golf Balls are the best. They are of high quality as well as being of low cost to its buyers. Intech company manufacture various types of golf balls and also other golf equipment such as training aids, tees, complete sets and clubs. The company ensures that the customers get what it takes to play golf. Intech provides several brands of golf balls to suit the requirements of the users in the market. Golf balls from Intech have proved to be the best in terms of durability and performance in the field.

Fuzz junior is a type of golf balls made by Intech Golf Balls Company. These are generally designed for the kids. The balls come in 6-pack of clear cover balls. They are soft balls optimized for young swing speeds.

There is also the Beta Ti AccuDistance Golf Balls. These balls comes in 6 packs. They also cover long distance. The balls have thin cover for better movement. These balls are yellow in color giving it a high and clear visibility in the field.

Beta Ti AccuFeel golf balls. The accufeel provides a soft feel on the green. They are low-compression balls which are generally low cost balls. They are designed for low to average speed, has high responsive titanium with very high core energy. It has a good launch angle and the best trajectory with also the best ball flight. This is the best for the golfers learning to control their spin. This is because the balls have extremely soft feel on the green with low compression construction. These balls come in a pack of 16 golf balls.

The best of the Intech Golf Balls are the Intech Beta Distance 16 pack balls. These balls have a high energy core. This combined with its thin outer cover easily converts the club head speed to a remarkable distance and also the roll. It provides a much premium distance and a much optimum launch and also offers a very soft feel that is required for precision on the green. There is also the advanced technology of aerodynamics pattern with 432 dimple which provides very ideal path for a superb ball flight. The balls are very durable thanks to the very responsive outer material. This material is very rugged thin and has a super feel. These are the exclusive balls from the Intech Golf Balls Company that have great tour performance. The distances the balls cover is very long compared to other balls. The balls are also made with a very stylish thin cover which makes the balls to be very soft. These balls also has the advantage of having greater visibility because they are generally yellow in color. The balls are also designed to offer straight swing through the technology of aerodynamics involved. The performance of the balls are very exceptional on the course. They have large metal fluid core which provides explosive results for each swing. The pack of these balls also is the best because of the 1 year warranty provided when one purchases such balls from the Intech Golf Balls.