How Much Does Comcast Charge a Business?

I am curious about this, although I do not know what the rules are. I tried to go on the web page of Comcast cable tv and figure it out, but they did not make it easy for me to figure it out and I did not have the patience to call them up and wait to talk to a real person. So instead I am going to send them an e mail and wait for them to send me a reply. The truth is that I am not sure how much you need a TV in most bars. In fact you would be better off having a bunch of beautiful girls. You could afford to let them come in and drink for free pretty much, you would have the ability to make it back from the guys who would swarm the place once the word got out that you had a lot of girls there. I think it was Swingers where they have that scene where the four guys split up and go to four different bars, then they call up and tell the others how many girls at each bar.

Still you are going to have a certain number of people who will want to go see the big game. The boss and I were talking about that and trying to figure out what sort of cost this would entail. I know that there are a lot of rules when it comes to showing Pay Per View fights. The last fight by that Floyd Mayweather guy cost you seventy five bucks to rent on your cable box. However you are not allowed to pay your 75 dollars and then charge people five bucks a head to get in your bar and watch the fight on a big screen.