Have to Get the Roof Done Soon

I was saving up to get a new car but think I need to get the roof done instead. I’m looking for a good roofing contractor in nyc. When my father went up into the crawl space recently I saw mold. We have also had brown water drip down fro the roof on the outside wall of the house in that same area. This means the water is going along the wood there. I know we need new roofing as the titles are lifted up by moss. We’ve treated the moss but that doesn’t fix the tiles.

I would dig the moss and any dirt out but am afraid that would actually make it worse and let more water in. I would love to keep costs down. My boy friend said he could do it for $1,000 or so but I know he doesn’t really have time, even if I paid him more. From looking online I’m guessing it will be about $5,000 but hoping finding the best roofing contractor in nyc will help keep costs down. I hope no wood boards need replaced. I also now notice a musty smell in the hallway on the other side of the house. I had previously thought the problem was just over the converted garage. I’ve not gone up in there to see the rest yet though.

I hope if no boards are rotten then the mold can just be treated with a spray instead of replacing the boards. I need a contractor who is willing to work with me and show me damage and explain things. I have control issues and like to be involved. I would even do the roof myself if I were in better shape and knew more about what to do. But I need to rely on someone to do it for me instead.