Direct TV Offers Are Too Good to Pass Up

I have seen enough Direct TV commercials to know that it was what I wanted when I moved a few months ago. I never had it before, but the Direct TV offers that are advertised are just too good to pass up. I was paying nearly 150 dollars for my cable package before moving, and I knew that I did not want to pay anything like that again. According to the commercials I have seen, plans start as low as 19.99, but even the most expensive plan is not anywhere close to what I was paying before.

I wanted to find out exactly what channels I would get, and that is when I found out that they have a lot of different plans. I know that some people may not want to have that many choices available, but I really liked it. There were certain channels that we definitely wanted, which meant that we could not get the bottom two packages. They were all in the third lowest priced package though, and that particular programming plan meant that we would be able to take advantage of the free offers that Direct TV offers to its new customers.

The first offer is getting every premium movie channel free for three months. These are channels like HBO, Starz and TMC, which feature movies that were just at the box office. The second offer is the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows fans to watch any match up that they want. There is also a free installation deal, and the equipment is state of the art as well. There was not anything that I did not like about the Direct TV offers, and I signed up for service right there on the spot on the website where I found out about all of these deals.