Crocs Golf Shoes – Do You Need A Pair?

If you are a golfer you know how important golf shoes are when on the field. Some might underestimate the power of a good pair of golf shoes but they greatly determine your balance and stability during a shot. There are many golf shoe reviews online like this that talk about the benefits of Croc Golf Shoes. If you do not want to mess up your swing, you might want to get yourself a good pair. In this article, I will try and explain which Crocs Golf Shoes to look for that can better serve your needs.

Why Crocs Golf Shoes?

Now, you might ask, why Crocks specifically? Why not some other brand? The answer is simple. Their shoes provide the most comfort; their designs are the most innovative and you’ll love how light they feel. I’m also confident that you’ll appreciate their new look. If the “crocish” look didn’t tickle your fancy, you might like the new “black” version or the “wing-tip”. If you’re more into saddle-like forms, why not go for the XTG LoPro Sandal collection.
Features to look for

When purchasing a golf shoe, do not just base your choice on design and looks. It is crucial to look for some key features.

  • Good insoles. During golfing you have to stand or walk for long hours. To make sure the experience is pleasant look for good insoles inside the shoes that are comfortable.
  • Sole spikes. Everyday comfort footwear may not be appropriate for golfers in the field. Therefore, choose spiked soles as they better help you maintain balance. They also greatly lower your risk of suffering an injury.
  • Odor or Bacteria resistant. The long hours in the field may aggravate bacterial growth and odor due to sweating, so make sure you buy a pair that can resist odor and bacteria.
  • Heel straps. Heel straps help you avoid slipping, the bane of every golfer.
  • Fitting. To avoid slipping and subsequent injury during your golfing session, choose a pair that fits you perfectly.


How to choose the Right Fit?

Almost all Croc Golf Shoes claim to be comfortable but a pair that suits your friend might not necessarily suit you. The right fit of the shoe greatly depends on your preferences. Luckily they offer three kinds of fitting: Roomy,

Relaxed and Standard fittings.

  • Roomy Fit. As the name implies, this will keep a lot of room in your shoes so you can be assured your toes wont be touching the front of the footwear. As these shoes are prone to slipping you should choose the ones that come with back straps.
  • Relaxed Fit. “Relaxed Fit” shoes provide you a relaxed feel yet secure your foot completely. These are not as roomy as the previous type of fit, but it will leave some space for your toes to breathe.
  • Standard Fit. This one provides the most secure fit compared to Roomy and Relaxed fittings. There is no chance that it is going to slip as it snugly fits your foot. Standard fit is quite comfortable though it might not be as comfortable as its other counterparts.


Lastly, its best if you know your size and refer to their size guide or try the shoes in person for the most comfortable fit.

Choosing good quality Crocs shoes 

  • Golf shoes are quite popular among golfers due to their comfort, durability and fashion. This is the reason there are counterfeit products available on the market. To recognize an original pair of Crocs, refer to the following list.
  • Material. Crocs are only made of a foam type material known as Croslite, not rubber or plastic.
    Rivets. Original Croc pairs do not contain any sort of rivet with “crocs” or “CROCS” written on them.
  • Manufacturer. Usually they are only manufactured in United States, Canada, Italy, China and Mexico.